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EOS Future Outdoor 2020 Report presented by ISPO


EOS Future Outdoor 2020 Report presented by ISPO

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You don’t have to be an expert to know that the retail landscape is undergoing a major transformation. How we buy, where we buy and when we buy is all changing. Whether you’re working on the brand or retailer end of the supply chain, it’s clear that we’re all in the same boat. The inaugural European Outdoor Summit in Stockholm from 16-18 October focused on just that.
What are the big game changers in our industry that we all need to be aware of? How do we relate to them an what will be the great effect on our industry? These are topics that have greater long-term significance than the consequences of bad winters, consolidation in retail or delivery problems.

Maybe the true game changers today are the technological advances which are changing consumer behaviour to its core. Not only is the evolution driven from the outside in terms of new means of communication and an integration of mobility into our everyday lives, bit also technology has been so easy to integrate into business solutions that today it’s not a matter of ‘if’ bit ‘when’ and ‘how’ you need to ensure it becomes an integral part of your business strategy.

This is where EOS Future Outdoor 2020 Report comes in. For over a year, the Swedish future strategist and research company, Kairos Future, has conducted comprehensive research on the future of the Outdoor industry. The research was commissioned by the organisers behind the European Outdoor Summit and the objective was to put a stake in the ground somewhere far ahead of us in the year 2020 and draw a thick, red line from here to that point and call it “the future”. This would serve as tha platform for the layout of the Summit and the discussions about where we’re heading, what the consequences will be and how to tackle them.
Because if technology is the single most important game changer of the industry, then its even more important that you know how the people embracing that technology will operate.
The development is coming at a staggering speed. Today, your consumer may rarely browse a physical store. They can go through their whole shopping experience without meeting a single human being or experiencing the interior of your store. And, despite all the money you’ve invested into an interactive and engaging web platform, you need to think about how to communicate your offer in the confined space of a smart phone window.

What you are holding in your hand I one of the important keys to understand this whole development. It will tell you, wirg rge authority of long and professional research of the consumer behaviour, technological advances, socio-economic shifts on a global scale and the consequences that follow.
More so, it creates a bridge between the “future” and the tools that you have at hand to do something about it. To give you the upper hand in the struggle to evolve your business together with your customers and not behind or even in conflict with them. After all, at the end of the day, we’re still dealing with people and people have been shopping for many other reasons than just returning home with a product. You need to dins the trigger points that make your customers look you up, interact and return for more.
We truly wish you good luck in the challenging job at hand which starts by turning the next page.

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