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ISPO Textrends - Trendbook 2019/20


ISPO Textrends - Trendbook 2019/20

199.00 EUR incl. VAT, plus shipping
(185.98 EUR non-EU customers / excl. VAT)

Delivery in 2-3 business days

It is the ideal working tool for all designers and product managers.

It features:

  • 479 of the most innovative materials selected by an independent jury
  • All products with references and company details
  • 3 mega trends Fall/Winter 2019/20
  • 5 textile trends Fall/Winter 2019/20
  • General color chart Fall/Winter 2019/20
  • Preview on textile trends Fall/Winter 2020/21 and color cards

    The Trendbook is a great working tool for designers and product managers.

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