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ISPO SPORTS EVOLUTION REPORT–The transforming sports goods market defined by the consumer.

The sporting goods market is up against a variety of challenges. The industry is on the hunt for new catalysts of growth, while at the same time the perception of the traditional sports sectors is changing rapidly among consumers. The ever-tightening grip that digitalization has on society triggers interesting phenomena across many sports-related fields. Furthermore, the robust presence of the topic of sustainability in the media only worsens the waning sense of security that the industry and consumers alike are sometimes troubled by. The practice of playing sports as well as the accompanying consumption of sporting goods is changing and the already high expectations of the consumer are becoming even more complex.

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ISPO and Konzept & Markt have made it their goal to provide direction and improve transparency in order to overcome these massive challenges and ease tensions, but also to draw attention to opportunities and potential. The sporting goods market has been intently studied and redefined from the perspective of the consumer as part of a comprehensive and representative study.

For this study, more than 3500 sporting good consumers between the ages of 16 and 79 were interviewed in Germany, Austria, and German-speaking Switzerland in 2016. This group together made up the relevant market potential of 72% of the population in the German-speaking DACH region.

The study was aimed at top decision-makers, brand and marketing managers, and visual merchandise managers, as well as retail and wholesale buyers, helping to determine market positioning and granting a new perspective into differentiation and market potential. Furthermore, the conclusions are related to specific segments and are linked to extensive descriptions of consumer typology, or rather, target group structures. It is within this framework that the study goes on to explain the information and consumption behavior of these consumer types in a retail setting, both online as well as in multi-channel sales.

In addition to these extensive basic insights, the Sports Evolution Report shows over one hundred brands in the outdoor and sporting goods sector their actual positioning and perception among end users. Here the spectrum between the top brands and the distinctive niche brands is a very broad one.

The baseline study focuses on the following key areas:

• Segmentation of sporting segments and the areas where they cross over
• Typology of sporting goods consumers including their values
• General behavior and attitudes toward sports
• Practiced sports and favorite kinds of sports
• The images of different kinds of sports
• Information behavior for different (kinds of) sports in general
• Purchased products
• Shopping locations
• Electronic devices in sports
• Select brands in the outdoor/sports sector
• Significance of sustainability in the purchase of sporting goods
• Sports and tourism

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