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2017 China Ski Industry White Book (Chinese/English)

伍斌(Wu Bin/Benny Wu) 魏庆华(Wei Qinghua)

2017 China Ski Industry White Book (Chinese/English)

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As the last whitebook was a tremdous success, we offer you the newest whitebook in our 2017 edition.

This edition contains a lot of data and diagrams.

In detail it has the following agenda:

Overview & Key Data 

Chapter I Ski Resort (Supply-side) 

I Number & Distribution 

II Classification Statistics 

III Facilities Statistics 

IV Ski Instructor Statistics 

V Four Season Ski Place 

Chapter II Skier (Demand-side) 

I Skier Visits & Distribution 

II Characteristics of Skier 

III Ski equipment of Skier 


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